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SERO AW19 LOOKBOOK web redu.jpg


After passing the era controlled by the mass media,

we are entering a new era where “BIG DATA” controls information.


We can say we are living in an illusion

where we feel like we know everything through abundant information,

though it be filtered through our preferences.


Inspired by the glitch effect of bugs that occur on the web,

this collection is created to cause a disturbance

in order to challenge our preconceptions.


SERO PARIS wanted to mimic this effect,

and drag this brief moment out into our life space.


Thus this collection will play the role of a bug in the illusion

we create in our minds.


Try to find the minute dysfunctions on the garments.

Do not be deceived by appearances at first sight.

Rendering unfamiliar what is the closest media to our body is the most intimate yet effective stimulus that could help us

to perceive our own ontological limit.




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