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SERO PARIS is a fashion label based in Paris, led by Séro OH,

a finalist at the International Talent Support 2016.


The label tries to incorporate the Zeitgeist into garments

to draw a self-portrait of our time.

Mostly, inspired by contemporary art and subculture,

SERO wants to reflect this era

by plating layers of the most representative elements

of current phenomenon onto garment.

The brand casts doubt on custom and social conventions,

distorts(twist) and deconstructs the codes

that have been branded onto garments,

that expresses occupational clusters, social classes, and gender discrimination.


These are ultimately re-composed in disorder -

a deliberate provocation of our fixed ideas

in order to explore the innate meanings of clothing,

and to a greater extent, our being.


By challenging the absolute (conventional) standard of beauty,

it tries to disrupt the order of rank

that has settled between the author and the audience.

Let the Collective intelligence decide

what true beauty is by struggling with each other..

This study forfeitures the imposing aura of the fashion industry

and demolish the boundaries of authority 

between main-stream culture and our daily life.

Power should be possessed by the people,

and not in the hands of few.

SERO tries to communicate, discuss and struggle

with real-life scenes by connecting to modern youth life-style

to create a social movement.

SERO aims at an equal society

through the consciousness of responsibility.


SERO supports the originality of each person

and SERO wants a society

where people respect each other as precious existences.


Don’t be afraid to be different ,

nothing is out of orbit .

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